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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tip for giving meds to a toddler

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Ari has been sick for over a month at this point with everything from a mild cold to croup. I have learned through this process that getting a diagnosis and a prescription does not mean that the battle is over. When we got home I realized that I had to GIVE her the medicine. As I've stated before, I have a very picky eater on my hands and so I was not sure how in the world I was going to convince her to take some unknown liquid goo (antibiotics). Through A LOT of trial and error I finally discovered the "trick". My first mistake was using a spoon, my second mistake was using the tiny cup, finally I used a children's syringe--GENIUS! 

I also learned that the trick is to stick it into the corner of her mouth and as she clenches her teeth, slowly squeeze the medicine between her teeth. She can fight it but it still goes in. Also, this keeps the medicine from covering her tongue so she doesn't have to be overwhelmed by the nasty flavor (it smells awful so I can only imagine how it tastes). 

Even more amazing than this tip for administering meds is using a similar technique for trying new foods. I took a small piece of turkey (being Thanksgiving and all) and stuck it in the corner of her mouth-she chewed, she swallowed and there was no argument : ) I did this a few more times and then she ASKED for a piece!! Ofcourse, by "ask" I mean that she walked over and grunted at me with her hand extended, but it worked! I will use this trick for many more new foods in the future. Finally there is light at the end of this craaaazy tunnel. 
Hope this helps other frustrated mommies out there!
Good Luck : )

Friday, November 25, 2011

Personality Snapshot

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Recipe of the day! 41

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Standing Pasta "Pie"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recipe of the day! 38

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I plan on buying some avocados on my next trip to the store. This is a GREAT idea for hiding some healthy goodness in bread (something my daughter can't get enough of)--Yay!!
Avocado Banana Bread