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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long time no blog

I have been completely MIA from the blogging world this holiday week. I am back on track now and ready to catch up on all that I have missed. Ari experienced her first Thanksgiving this last week and all went well. I was nervous about all of the family being a bit too much for her and napping in a strange place with all of the cousins running around, but she handled herself like a sweet little angel. I was so proud of her when I put her down for her nap. Out of the thousand items that we brought to keep her happy and entertained we forgot her crib music thingie. This thing is her best friend in the crib. I was terrified that we would end our Thanksgiving festivities early with a cranky baby but she went down all on her own. I was a proud mama! We had a great day and I'm so glad that she was such a good girl. I feel silly now for stressing about her and what would happen on Thanksgiving. I am always nervous when taking her into a new situation. I think about all of the possible things that could go wrong, all of things that could upset her, all of the things that I could forget to bring...etc. In the end though it always works out and even when something goes "wrong" it's never THAT bad. I love my little girl and I just want her to be happy all the time and that's my real issue. Is that weird? Am I crazy? I don't verbalize these anxieties as I think I am a little nutty but maybe I can find others like me through my blog : ) Hope everyone had a great holiday week too!

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