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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keeping a Clean Home

I feel like I have to share this because I feel guilty about it. I realize I use the word "guilty" ALL the time on my blog but it is what it is....I FEEL GUILTY! So, here I go, I had someone clean my house yesterday. Ahhhhh, yes I am a SAHM so cleaning is part of my job description but UGH, between my daughter and my husband I can't keep up. I am able to keep up with keeping the house organized and "clean" but as far as scrubbing and dusting I just barely get it done. I guess I feel guilty because I assumed that by staying at home with Ari I would have time for such duties and ummm yeah, NOPE : ) I saw a site on Pinterest that talked about how to clean your house in 15 minutes after spending like one full day doing the deep clean. So, I decided that I would have someone clean my house (deep clean) and then I would do upkeep. I don't plan on having her come back monthly because that would be too expensive, but every 2 months?? I like it!

My rationale for my lack of cleaning is a looooong list of excuses...I will now share a few of them:

1. My daughter is almost 2 (i think i could stop here, but i'll continue)
2. My husband drops clothes, lunch bags, socks...etc wherever he is standing at the moment
3. Our house is 3K square ft including the downstairs/basement that I all but ignore : )
4. I am finishing my MBA so naptime is homework time
5. Ari doesn't like to watch me clean house and gets in my obsessive compulsive way

Nice list right?? How about you, do you clean your house? What are your tips and tricks?

Please don't leave me thinking I'm alone : )

P.S. Before anyone says "you have time to blog therefore you have time to clean" - It takes less then 5 minutes every other day to blog. I can't scrub a tub THAT fast : )

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