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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Podcast Sanity

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Ari is 21 months and the terrible almost-two's is in FULL effect! When she was an infant and I was breastfeeding her, I began listening to podcasts of The Regular Guys (TRG-a local radio station) to help me get through the late nights/early morning feedings. My husband introduced me to the show and to the value of podcasts. Ever since then, I have become addicted to podcasts and have recently branched out beyond TRG. I now listen to Joe Rogan, WTF, Jay Mohr and a few others when I need them. These adult content podcasts saved my sanity! I keep earbuds in most of the day and while Ari watches Barney I listen to filthy humor : ) Don't worry, I still communicate with her as well, but having the podcast on in the background really helps. It is also helpful so that I don't feel so lonely. Sometimes Ari and I are cooped up all day in the house and it gets lonely only having a toddler to talk to. They are also great in the car, at the playground, at the grocery store..etc.

I'm telling you, podcasts saves lives. When Ari is throwing a tantrum because I wont let her climb inside the refrigerator, I just turn on a podcast and her tantrum becomes a faint background annoyance. I can stand there and handle the situation without my nerves going nuts. I honestly think that using podcasts as a coping tool has helped me not fly off the handle or let my anger get the best of me in tantrum situations. It's pretty difficult to freak out when you're listening to calm, collected, funny people.

If you wanna check out some of these, here is my fave list so far. Keep in mind these are ADULT content podcasts.

Enjoy your sanity moms!!

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