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Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Milestones Worries

So, I read the following article and LOVED it. It made me feel so normal : ) What is normal anyways?? When it comes to our children, normal becomes very important and is on your mind everyday. Everytime that Ari does or does not do something I wonder if she is "normal". Silly I know but it is amazing how the pressure to be ahead of the game starts as soon as your child is born. From the first time that your child's height, weight and head size are charted, the race begins. It is especially apparent if you have friends or family with kids the same age or close to the same age. Why do we do this to ourselves? For myself I feel like it is out of fear of not being a good parent. If my child is not meeting the chart's numbers or the books milestones, then its my fault and I suck as a mother. Deep down I know that I am doing my best, but it does have an effect.

My daughter is 9 months old and just started crawling a week or so ago. It was a big deal in this house. My husband and I were ecstatic. Now though we seem to be focusing on what's next. She hasn't said ma ma or da da, no teeth, no "hi" or "bye", no clapping, no "arms up!"....but I'm not concerned. Even though friends of mine have kids that are close in age and have been doing these for months now. That's ok. Ari is fine. I'm not worried at all. Yes, I sit in front of her while she is in the bathtub and say "ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, da da, da da, da da, da da" then "sigh, that's ok baby, high five!" and I get a hand in the air : ) That is her "trick" that we are OH SO proud of. When you say "high five" Ari puts her little hand in the air and touches your hand. PRECIOUS! Personally I think this one trick is the most difficult and most advanced. I make it a point to show EVERYONE. Their kids can't do it, but mine can. HA!!

Check out this article for more fun:

The Truth About Baby Milestones

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  1. I could tell you to stop reading about milestones but I know that it's easier said than done. I am on the third kid, I know this fact but I am still bugging out about the fact that my 2 year old is barely speaking. The words that he does say are so hard to understand that I may be the only one in the world to understand them... Nevertheless, Ari is perfectly on track... there is nothing wrong with her and she will wave, talk or whatever when it's her time to do so :) And if she is anything like her cousins, she may simply be not doing those things to annoy you :)