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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Gentlemen readers might want to skip over this one : )

Ever since I can remember I have prayed for bigger boobs. My mother and sister were both blessed; overly blessed in my opinion and I was NOT. For a long time I said that by the time I was 25 if I was still an A cup I would get a boob job. Well, when 25 rolled around, I realized that boob jobs are dangerous, expensive and not really something I wanted to do at the time. Then my thoughts turned to motherhood. I told myself that I would grow some boobs once I got pregnant and so my NEW prayer became "please let them stick around after I have a baby." I guess I need to be a little more specific when praying because I got EXACTLY what I asked for but not at all what I wanted. They grew and grew and grew and after Ari was born they stuck around. The only problem is that the shape changed. They went from full, round, high beautiful breasts to empty, dangling boobies. Technically they are bigger then what I had pre-preggers but who would know that fact seeing as how they seem to be in a race to reach my bellybutton. Now, I am trying to cope with these changes and find a bra that makes me feel normal again. I stumbled across this website that walks you through how to measure yourself so that you can find the perfect fit bra. I haven't gone shopping yet, but I wanted to share the site with everyone as soon as possible. Ladies, we don't have to just accept these changes; let's lift these suckers up where they belong!!

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  1. LOL! You are cracking me up here!
    So, as someone that started out (as you put it) blessed and then had 3 kids, I totally get it...
    May I recommend this store:
    Yes it's more expensive than a typical Bra by Olga and more expensive than Victoria's Secret... but these bras (and the consultants that help you find the best fit) are nothing short of amazing!