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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day of REST?

Well, finals are finally over and today is my first day OFF. Ari is clean and fed, I have had my own breakfast and now my winter break can begin! First I am going to catch up on my blogging, then do a little cleaning and a load of laundry. After that I will do some stretches/playing with Ari before I change her and then its nap time for her. While she naps I will do a quick run on the treadmill and take a shower. Then when she gets up I will change and feed her. Then we will load up the car and head out to do some Christmas shopping. While shopping I will entertain Ari with biter biscuits, puffs and milk. Then we will head over to the grocery store to grab a few items. Again I will entertain Ari there with biscuits, puffs and milk. Next we'll swing through CVS to grab a Rx and then head home where I will unload Ari and the groceries, occupy Ari with toys while I put the groceries away, PEE, then hopefully put Ari down for another nap after I change her. While she sleeps I will pull out the Christmas tree and decorations and haul them upstairs from the garage where I will start putting the tree together. When Ari wakes up I will stop what I'm doing and play on the floor with her for a bit before starting dinner. Then I will change, feed and clean Ari and finish getting dinner for mommy and daddy ready. Then when daddy gets home we will eat dinner then give Ari a bath. After bath time I will get her dressed for bed and hand her off to daddy for the bed time bottle. Finally, I will head back to the Christmas tree to finish putting it together, then clean up dinner and other dishes from the day then sit down and think about ways I will REST again tomorrow. Time to begin!! I LOVE time off : )

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