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Monday, November 15, 2010

A few faves

I feel like I am constantly asked how I did something, where I got something or which I recommend so I decided to start a list of my favorite things (baby related) and that way I would only have to explain myself once. First of all; my most favorite thing is my breastfeeding kit that I put together in a previous blog. I organized this collection based upon my personal experiences breastfeeding my daughter and found each item on the list to be essential.

Another favorite item is the zip up sleeper/jumper. Before Ari was born I was concerned about dressing and undressing her (going over her head) so I registered for a lot of jumpers. The only mistake I made was registering for ones that snapped. When Ari was itty bitty it was fine, but as she got longer and longer the number of snaps got bigger and bigger and the time it took to get her dressed took longer and longer. Basically, what I am saying is, zip up jumpers will save you time and energy. They are quick and painless and I LOVE THEM!

The co-sleeper is another fave of mine for a few reasons. It was perfect for my husband and I when we first brought Ari home and we had her in the bed with us. We have a king sized bed and we put her between us in the sleeper. We only did this for a few nights then we took the sleeper and placed it in her crib. This was the best idea I ever had. I didn't worry about this tiny baby in this BIG crib. I laid her in the sleeper and tucked her in tight. She couldn't go ANYWHERE. It is also very easy to fold up and take with you should you decide to venture out with your teeny beany. We never used the light on there though because it was BRIGHT and right next to her head, but I think this is a must have.

More faves explained soon. In the mean time, check out my growing list on the right!

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