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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HELP!! crawling 9 mo old doesn't understand the word NO!!

My daughter Ari has been crawling for about 2 weeks now and she is just now gaining enough confidence to crawl off into other rooms that I am not in at the time. WELL, when she starts to get into something she shouldn't, I say "NO" and then "we don't play with that or come over here" and then she goes for it again and I say "stop that Ari" and she stops, looks at me, smiles and then goes right back to what she was doing. What am I supposed to do? My "angry" tone is meaningless apparently. It gets her attention but it makes her laugh. When I remove her from the situation she gets upset momentarily, but as soon as that passes, she goes right back to the scene of the crime. I don't want to "pop" her on her hand or anything yet; it's too early I think, but I am at a loss as to what to do discipline-wise.

HELP!!!!! .


  1. three year old doesn't understand the word no! (...come to think of it, my 34 year old husband doesn't understand the work no, lol). Really it sounds like a typical crawling infant...not sure you can really teach them "no" quickly at this stage. You just have to keep it up (no, and removal from the situation or removal of no-no object) and of course baby-proof the house as much as possible.

  2. Great blog and I agree with Jennifer. When our little one started moving around we put up the gates, shut the doors and was stern with the "no's". It is a hard frustrating thing to teach, especially when they don't understand discipline, but they will start to get it. Then the "testing you" phase starts! It is all fun! :)

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  4. Yeah, gates seem to be the next step. I definitely want her to feel able to crawl around without too many limitations. I have blocked all of the dangerous stuff, closed all doors to other rooms and stairs. Now our only issue is the cat food. She is in love with one of our cats and I think she wants to be her. She follows her everywhere including the food bowl and she wants to play in it too : ) its cute but frustrating. Again, she completely ignores me when I tell her no. I am thinking about gating off the kitchen but it helps me out that she can follow me in there while I'm doing dishes and stuff. UGH! Love the crawling, hate the dangers : )